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What is ajijic360?

We are a Real Estate company specialized in the Lake Chapala Area, we offer promotion of Sales and Rentals, in addition, we provide Legal Services to our clients.

Ajijic360 was conceived looking for a distinctive touch from anything else, incorporating areas such as Marketing, Analytic Management, and Law.

We are the drive of disciplined youth, that started to work in the Lake Chapala Real Estate ten years ago, and during last years went through the selection of Mexican and American Academic institutions,  the management of IT Global Corporations, the State Courts of Jalisco and Real Estate Experience (all provable, of course).

We are a local company that offers legal representation in the area, we speak The Best English in the Lake Side and produce content in French and Germans as well.

We simply are the ones that are able to set the bar to a higher level.

Ajijic 360 Real Estate
Ajijic 360 Real Estate
Ajijic 360 Real Estate

Our Office

Business hours

from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday, and 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays.

Our Team


Efrain Gutierrez

Real Estate Broker and Attorney at Law

I am International Business graduated from the University of Guadalajara, there I had a good academic experience, I was granted with a Scholar Ship to Studying at the State University of New York, and then I had the opportunity to present the first Thesis Project completely written in English under the guidance of the Business and Marketing department.

After graduating from business, I had the opportunity to work at a Real Estate company in the Lake Chapala Area, I stayed there for two years and during that time I started to get interested in Law School.

In 2013, I decided to change routes to grow in management and Applied Analytics for my professional development, I was hired by IBM at the Guadalajara Campus, where I stayed there for 3 years.

I decided to leave the company to achieve something more in tune with my goals in life, that was when the ajijic360 project was born.

Again, I applied to the University of Guadalajara and I got admitted to Law School, meanwhile, I continue my work as a Sales Representative in one of the local Real State Agencies.


Manuel Salazar

Sales Associate

I have always been associated in rolled with customer service working as a hotel manager in the Local Hotel Industry over the years, always meeting people, always helping them, and solving their concerns or problems

A time ago I had the experience of working as a Sales Agent for the local Realtor Association and  I always kept in contact with the Real Estate Business in one way or another.

I met Efrain and I liked his ideas. I believe in the project he had put together and I want to be part of it.

I want to contribute with my experience, relationships and overall I want to help people find their dream home, they always can count on me as a service provider.

Contact me, I know that I will surpass your expectations!